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31 January 2006

Border Patrol To Speed Removal Of Illegals

If we just constructed a pair of large parallel fences with guard towers and instructed the Border Patrol agents to shoot to kill, this would cease to be a problem on either border.


22 January 2006

Gun & Ammo Registry Make Handy Shopping List For Thieves

h/t to The War on Guns: The Best Laid Plans

Let us learn from the example given us by the people of Canuckistan; registration leads to confiscation. First the "professional criminals" in the government tried to take their guns, and then the petty criminals on the street went after the leftovers. The Grade-A moron who legislated a tracking log of ammunition sales should be disembowled and strung up by his intestines.

One of the saddest things in the article is that the lawful gun owner has a warrant for "unsafe storage of firearms" despite having his guns in a safe that was so secure and heavy that it took the criminals two days of blowtorch and sledge hammer work to break. This is like suing someone because their car was stolen out of their locked garage and the robber hit you. It just doesn't make sense, and it just doesn't work. All around, any way you slice it, it still comes up as bad policy.

Two days?!

Surely 48 hours of a sledgehammer banging against a concrete and steel safe got someone's attention. Wouldn't you think? Heck, my neighbor has threatened to call the cops on me for chopping wood for 1/2 hour in my own garage, and our houses are a lot farther apart than anyone living in an apartment building. Why weren't the police called? If they were, why didn't they do anything about it?


20 January 2006

Update: I thought We Didn't Negotiate With Terrorists.

So why, then, are six of the nine women terrorists being released? The US-appointed Iraqi deputy minister of justice claims that there is no connection, but if we want to send a strong message of not cowing to terrorists, I don't think this is the way to go about it.

I hate to say it, but the only reason we've not heard anything about Jill Carroll yet is because al-Jazeera hasn't had a chance to put the video of her execution on their website, or because they are busy raping her before she is decapitated.

Best quote from the article: "Iraqi kidnappers have often given deadlines or ultimatums only to ignore them and keep holding captives."

Not too bad for a country whom God Himself has forbidden to lie or cheat, huh?


19 January 2006



WTH?!?! Time to call out the Minuteman Project; or better yet, instruct our citizens, military, and Border Patrol agents to do what should have been done long ago--shoot all "incursionists" (read: invaders) on sight. One shot, one kill, and let the bodies lie there as a dire warning to those who would follow.


Condi Refers Iran To UN Security Council

What was that? I can't concentrate when she talks. Damn! That woman is hot.

Al Quaida To Launch US Attack--After "Truce" to Rebuild

This sounds to me like the ploy of a beaten, frightened coward who sees his own bitter demise in sight.

Osama threatens the US, letting us know that he intends to launch more terrorist attacks on American soil, and then he asks for a truce; claiming that (I love this part) God has forbidden his nation to lie or cheat, and stating that the terms of the truce are fair.

WTH?!?! Where does he learn his negotiating skills? Kim Jong Il? Listen, Osama, this is how we do things in America: you threaten us and represent a substantial threat, we kick your ass. Or did you forget why our soldiers are stomping around Iraq and Afghanistan, and will soon be in Iran and Pakistan. Remember your buddy Saddam Insane? Have you noticed that all of his threat and bluster is now concentrated on the dimensions of his prison cell and the quality of his food and cigarattes?

And another thing. What makes you think that we are going to let up so that you can concentrate your family's substantial assets on rebuilding terrorist countries? For crying out loud, don't you realize who we are? We are America; we have rebuilt every freaking piss-hole that we ever attacked, bombed, or invaded.

This sounds to me like Osama sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and he is afraid that it will be attached to an incendiary device of US design. Seriously, if he were in a position of strength, he wouldn't even be open to "negotiation". This kind of threatening "negotiation" comes when you see your strength draining away, feel the taste of fear and failure in your mouth and know that the end is near.

Update: White House not fooled by bin Laden ploy.

Well done, boys. My favorite part is the quote by VP Cheney: "This is not an organization that's ever going to sit down and sign a truce. I think you have to destroy them."

Well said, Mr. Cheney. I wholeheartedly concur.


Update: Guess What? They Don't Care

I feel for this woman. I really do. Unfortunately, she, like so many others, still don't get it.

They do not care that your daughter bravely wanted to uncover the "real story" on the Iraq war, whatever you perceive that to be.

They do not care that she wanted to show the suffering of the Iraqi people. To us, this is horifying and terrible. To them, this is business as usual. The entire Middle East has been a hotbed of strife and civil war for decades. This is simply the way it is.

They do not care that your daughter considered herself a "friend of the Iraqi people". She is not a Muslim, so there is zero, nada, nil, zip, no chance whatsoever of them seeing her as an ally. A thing to be used for any possible advantage or benefit and then discarded, yes. A friend, no.

They do not care that you want to speak to her abductors. They don't want to talk to you; you don't have the authority to meet their demands.

They do not care that you are willing to pay a ransom. They don't want money, they want respect, recognition, and power.

Wake up and get a clue. We are not dealing with people of a Western mindset; they don't think like you do. They don't value many of the things that you value. They are using her as a means to an end. They want their people released, and nothing less will satisfy them. They are fighting for an ideology which is something many Americans, many Westerners, simply cannot wrap their minds around.

Fighting for an ideology is always far more dangerous and destructive than fighting for something material. In territory or resource wars, the aggressor is always careful to not destroy that which he is fighting for. In a war of competing ideologies, everything is up for grabs.


18 January 2006

Don't You Get It? They Don't Care

My heart goes out to the family of this journalist, but from what I understand, she was just plain stupid and it was only a matter of time before this happened to her. How many France, Sweden, and Australia incidents do we need? No woman is safe around these savages, especially on their own turf sand. She was traveling with a lone interpreter through a "bad neighborhood." Not too smart.

Lest any Eloi visit this site and still remain confused, let me share some wisdom with you: We are the enemy.

It does not matter to them if our women wear burkas, if you protest the war, if you vilify Bush and eat halal sandwiches, or if you reach out to them in love, tolerance, and understanding for their "beautiful religion of peace."

We Are The Enemy.

In many things, it is a case of "you're with us or against us." In Islam, you are either one of them or one of their targets. There is the "House of Islam" and the "House of War" and nothing inbetween. Unless you adopt Islam, you will always be "the enemy" and nothing more. They have no room in their religion for anything less than complete subjugation and eventual eradication of everyone who is not Muslim. On a happy note, if you do convert, and you are a woman, you have just been "promoted" from a whore and piece of trash to mere property.

Don't you get it yet?
They don't care that you "support them in their struggle to protect their culture and freedom." In the Islamic mind, You Are The Enemy.

You are Western. You are not Muslim. Guess what? You're the enemy and must be destroyed. It is as simple as that.

The sooner we, as a nation, realize that the absolute eradication of our way of life and the total elimination of everyone outside the pale of Islam is the goal of every Muslim, according to the dictates of their religion, the sooner we can start taking measures to face this threat and deal with it decisively, appropriately, and efficiently.


17 January 2006

Nagin: God Destroyed New Orleans Because He Is Mad At Blacks

First N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin blamed President Bush for Hurricane Katrina, now he wants to blame God.

He also claims that the rebuilt New Orleans will be a 'chocolate city', and that "It's the way God wants it to be."

He cites Black-on-Black crime as one of that ethnicity's biggest problems, but does not address the outright decadence that was so much a part of New Orleans. In fact, from the article, it sounds like he is wanting the "Big Easy" to go back to business as usual--just without all the Black folk shooting one another (which, I am sure, did nothing positive for tourism in the first place).

Why does he think that God is more upset about inter-ethnic violence than He is about outright paganism, hedonism, and atrocity?


Washington Post Calls For Nationwide Gun Ban

h/t to The War on Guns

Note to the Post, the President, Congress, the Senate, and all other comers: Don't even think about it


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16 January 2006

CNN Banned From Iran After "Mistranslation"

Didn't they learn anything from Desert Storm? Now where will they get their intel when we have to invade?

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The Word For Today: Psalm 19 & Romans 1

Psalm 19:1 "The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands."

This has long been one of my favorite Psalms, and no less so because it was my introduction to the Septuagint. One of the really cool things about learning Greek is that you learn to stop taking verb tenses, voices, and moods for granted, like we so easily do with English. For example, DIHGOUNTAI: to describe/ carry a narration through to the end/ relate in full is a deponent verb; even though it has a passive construction, it has an active meaning. So when we read this, we can more accurately say that the heavens are continually and completely recounting or describing God's glory; their expanse is continuously declaring (ANAGGELLEI) the work of His hands.

Verses 3 & 4 go on to say that although they (the heavens) do not speak per se (OUK EISIN LALIAI OUDE LOGOI), there is none who have not "heard" their testimony (WN OUXI AKOUONTAI AI FWNAI AUTWN).

God has left Himself a witness who never shuts up, as it were. All Creation bears an undeniable testimony to the fact of God as Creator. Now let's work this in with Romans 1:18-20

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness & unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse."

I used to be really interested in Apologetics. I figured that if you know the right arguments and the proper line of reasoning, then you can win that unbelieving person for Christ. While I still enjoy Apologetics, I no longer think that way. When it comes down to it, faith in Christ is between that person and the work of God's Holy Spirit. God Himself has left all of Creation as a witness to Himself, and has put enough knowledge in each person for them to believe if they really want to. Coming to a point of faith, or even of Theism, has much less to do with my arguments than it does with the other person's heart, and with my prayers that God will see fit to being that person into a saving relationship with Himself. For a person who doesn't want to believe, there will never be enough "proof."

When God chooses to call a person to Himself in the context of a faith relationship, it is efficacious and irresistable (John 6:44 "No-one can come to Me unless The Father who sent Me draws him..."). I'll be the first to admit it; I didn't want to believe. God opened my eyes and it just wasn't possible for me to deny Him any longer.

For you others out there, there is still hope. I'm not offended or surprised by your unwillingness to believe, but let's be honest with one another; don't try to tell me that there isn't enough "evidence" to recognize God in all of this. The evidence is all around you. It's in you and is you. God has left ample proof of His existence that you don't need a smoking gun to be certain.

In the meantime, I'll be praying for you.


14 January 2006

Note To Pakistan:

File all the formal complaints you want. Consider what just happened as an informal complaint from the greatest nation in the free world; if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


It's That Time Again

There is a piece of legislation in the House, and an identical one in the Senate about which you need to contact your elected officials. H.R. 1288 and S.1082 are the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act, and seek to overturn the unconstitutional 1977 legislation that made firearms ownership in D.C. illegal. The 1977 legislation is not only unconstitutional; it is also responsible for the skyrocketing crime rate in D.C.

We all know that since criminals are going to do "big" crimes like rape, robbery, and murder, that they are not going to obey a simple edict asking them to voluntarily disarm themselves. This is a ridiculous proposition, and one that has empirically proven itself to be a dismal failure. Restrictive gun laws do nothing more than make law-abiding citizens into readier victims and easier targets for criminals.

Please check to see if your Senator or Representative are co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation. Whether they are or not, I strongly urge you to contact them and give them either your aproval or a piece of your mind. This site will help you to find out who your elected officials are, and give you options for contacting them.


13 January 2006

Must Read List

Since I was compiling this information for Lone Pony anyway, I figured I would go ahead and post it for general consumption.

The following is a by-no-means-anywhere-near-comprehensive list of must-reads, but it is a good start. Many of these books are ones which will keep you up at night, prevent you from doing your schoolwork, eating, etc. They are just that good.

Boston's Gun Bible (ISBN:1888766069) Although some may rightly say that Boston is opinionated and no expert on firearms, he does do a comprehensive examination of several different firearms and shares his findings. This book is a hodgepodge of useful information.

Silent America (ISBN:0976405903) by Bill Whittle. What more needs to be said?

Molon Labe (ISBN:1888766077) A great quasi-fictional story that will have you ready to pack up and move to Wyoming.

That Every Man Be Armed (ISBN:0945999380) Dry, but extremely informative on the basis, understanding, and development of the 2nd Amendment.

Enemies Foreign & Domestic (ISBN:0972831010) Anything I could possibly say about this book could not possibly do justice to it or the author. Though it is written as a work of fiction, many of the techniques & technology are frighteningly real.

An Infantryman's Guide To Combat In Built-Up Places (ISBN:0873648005) Used to be an Army Field Manual for Urban Combat. Good stuff.

Patriots (ISBN:156384155x) Combination of survival manual and post-economic/societal collapse story. Good stuff. Although there is some good information and ideas in here, if you are looking for a step-by-step survival guide, this is not it.

The Tactical Shotgun (ISBN:0873648986) Gabe Suarez is the man!

Here are the price comparison sites I use and recommend to all the other students at Crossroads. Generally, works best, though it never hurts to check some of the others. After all, good stewardship is important; especially when you are tight on cash like we are.
Addall Books
Best Book Buys


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12 January 2006

Muslim Girl Put To Death For Resisting Gang Rape

h/t to the Infidel Blogger's Alliance

Nazanin (age 17), her niece, and their boyfriends were walking along in a park in March of last year when a group of three men began throwing stones at them. Since women are nearly worthless to the Islamic mind, the boyfriends cut and run, escaping on their scooters and leaving the two teenaged girls to fend for themselves. When they were forced to the ground, Nazanin pulls a knife and stabs one would-be rapist in the hand. When she and her 16 y/o niece try to escape, Nazanin stabs another one in the chest, killing him and sending his blackened soul back to the pit.

In America, we would rightly applaud this girl; throw her a party, and the police and some concerned citizens would have been combing the area looking for a scumbag with wet pants and a bleeding hand.

Unfortunately, this was in Iran, and she was incarcerated for murder. At her trial, she sobbed and told the judge that she never intended to kill the man; she just wanted to get away.

If she'd been raped, she would have been stoned to death for adultery. Since she exercised her God-given Right to self-defense, she was put to death for killing a man.

How did these sick, twisted bastards ever survive to the 21st century? The time is long past when we seriously need to rethink our policies and mindset towards the Muslim problem.

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A Pedophile Shows Remorse

This guy is a real gem; one in a million.

Robert Keith Jeffries, age 33, makes a video of himself molesting a 9 y/o blindfolded, drugged girl. He is arrested and released on bond, whereupon he leaves the state the day before he is scheduled to enter a guilty plea. A nationwide manhunt ensues, and he is picked up in Las Vegas, where he claims he was delivering pizza and playing poker (poke-her?) to earn money for a new attorney.

He says he "regrets running from the law."

Of all the despicable things he did to this poor girl, what he really regrets is running from the law. Just like Judas, his "regret" is for how things ended up for him (metamelomai) instead of heartbroken grief for what he as done (metanoia).

He also says that he hopes he will "receive mercy and forgiveness," and he feels that, though he deserves to be imprisoned, he also feels he deserves to "be productive again."

Isn't that nice? Little Mr. Pedophile wants mercy and forgiveness so that he can be a productive member of society again, since he couldn't earn enough cash when he was on the lam to hire an ambulance-chaser who could get him exonerated and it looks like he's going to do some hard time. (pun intended)

Dude, you are a freaking sicko. I want you to know that when they announced you had gone missing that I kept my eyes open every time we left the house. I prayed I would see you, because I would have given you the worst damn beating of your entire, wasted life, and all that the cops would have found was a bloody mess badly in need of an ICU. You want mercy & forgiveness? How about trying atonement? You know what atonement means, sicko? It means for you to make restitution for your transgression. In this case, the imprisonment that will be recommended by the court system will be mild in comparison with what you deserve. The closest you will probably come to atoning for what you have done will be when some big prison buck decides he wants to sodomize the new, scared, skinny white boy, and then a group of inmates stick a shiv into your kidney when they find out what you did to earn yourself a stay in the pen.


11 January 2006

When The Tongue In Your Shoe Matches The Tongue In Your Mouth

Michael Yon has written a poignant article on the lip service given to the family of Robert Stethem, who was brutally beaten & killed by terrorist Mohammed Ali Hammadi.


09 January 2006

We Need More Gun Control

No, seriously, we do. We need a lot more gun control.

Now, while you are checking the address bar to make sure you are actually reading my Blog, let me explain why I feel this way.

Ronald ("The 'L' stands for Dead Scumbag") Templeton, your typical "misunderstood" choirboy who probably just got a bad rap from the cops always hassling him for being Black, shot his girlfriend's friend in the arm, took his girlfriend (somebody sure knows how to pick them, huh?) and (her/his) children hostage about 11:30 last night, when most of the rest of us were cozied down for the night and resting up for another typical Monday.

The girl who was shot in the arm ran to a neighbor's house to call for help, whereupon IPD and their accompanying SWAT team were dispached to the scene, with all their accompanying sirens and flashing lights.

The standoff lasted until about 4:30 this morning, when the police fired teargas into the home and young Mr. Templeton did the kindest, most thoughtful thing of his entire, misspent life: he saved the taxpayers countless dollars in Public Defenders and incarceration fees, and prevented himself from increasing his "extensive criminal history."

After 5 hours of noise, flashing lights, fear, uncertainty, and drama--when everybody should've been getting a good night's sleep. The neighbors were woken up, the kids went through an ordeal I won't even pretend to imagine or understand, and the officers on duty (and their families) were wondering to themselves, "Is this the night I don't go home?"

Now, all of this could've been avoided with better gun control. That is to say, if the girl friend or her friend had a gun, they could've shot his sorry ass when he first arrived.

People, gun control is not disarmament: Gun Control Is Hitting Your Target In A Tight Shot Group.

Here, then, is The Armed & Christian Guide to Gun Control

1) Become a responsible gun owner (includes being informed about your firearms, local laws, and your Rights).
3) Practice with your weapon so that you can hit what you are aiming at; in light, in low light, with both hands, and with one hand.
4) Educate and inform others so that they, too, will become responsible gun owners and accurate shots.
5) Repeat as necessary until the crime rate drops.

So simple, anybody can do it!

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07 January 2006

Who Decides?

In any dialogue or debate control of definitions determines a lot of the outcome, and the Patriot Act hullabaloo is no different. I recently came across this news story that shows how divided Americans are on this issue. Many of the responses quoted in the article bother me, however, such as young Cynthia Ice-Bones' comment:

"I think our security is so important that we don't need warrants."

WHAT?! Did I just read that correctly? The system of legalities we have emplaced is designed to protect against capricious use and abuse: it is a form of security. So by definition, Cynthia is saying that our security is so important that we can override securities already in place to prevent abuses of power. I just don't understand people. It is easy enough for the gov't to acquire a warrant, if it is warranted (i.e. there is reasonable suspicion). This system of checks and balances is vital, necessary, to the sustenance of a free state. It prevents those in power from (easily) becoming despots who are answerable to no-one.

Bush based his eavesdropping orders on his presidential powers under the Constitution and a September 2001 congressional resolution authorizing him to use military force in the fight against terrorism.

REALLY?? When does eavesdropping fall under the heading of "military force?" If this is the case, then the President has authorized military force against the citizens of America and we are embroiled in a sort of revolution in which the entire populace is "under attack" and most are ignorant of it or in denial. Nice one, George W. I liked you a whole lot more when I didn't know so much about what you really think about your constituents. Believe me, if there was ever a Libertarian candidate whose platform was more substantial than, "I'm gonna legalize pot, dude. Yeah!" I would vote for him.

And as long as we're on the topic, I just looked over a copy of the Constitution, and I didn't see anything authorizing the POTUS to randomly spy on American citizens, or allow or instruct others to do so.

Another disturbing comment is at the end of the article. While Harlon Bennett recognizes the inherent danger of the Patriot Act, he still supports it and stands behind it.

In the immortal words of that theologian Napoleon Dynamite: "*heavy sigh* Freaking IDIOT!"

Hello, people! Hello!!! Wake up!! You recognize that it only takes a slight change in definition to label almost anyone as a suspected terrorist, and you still think the Patriot Act is a good idea? Did your parents have any children that lived? Have you always been this f***ing stupid, or did you have to work at it?

Bill & Hillary have already stated that they consider the NRA a terrorist organization, and that "...weapons in the hands of civilians exist for no reason but to inspire fear and wreak deadly havok in our streets."

As my theology prof often tells us, the control of definitions determines the direction & outcome of the dialogue. Who will the next administration define as a terrorist threat? How about that mouthy damned Pat Robertson and the rest of those fundamental, evangelical Christians?

Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll start working on ALF and that wackjob Vlasak, who believes that randomly assassinating people who eat meat would make a kinder, more vegan world.

Maybe they'll do lumber and big business a favor and go after the nutjobs at ELF.

Or maybe it will be everyone who owns a "assault weapon."

Or people who don't let their kids celebrate Halloween. After all, you'd have to be some kind of uptight, wacko a-hole to deny children a little harmless fun.

Maybe the next administration will be well-funded by the Sarandon/Robbins/Baldwin/Sheen group, or Pamela Anderson, and the "suspected terrorists" will be people who wear fur or eat meat or work in laboratories or on fishing trawlers...

And maybe it'll be you.

It all depends...

on who gets to determine the definitions.

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06 January 2006

Goodnight, Lou

I sure hope he was saved; I'd love to hear him singing in Heaven (along with King David & Rich Mullins). Dammit, Lou, I'm sure gonna miss you.

We listened to a whole lot of his stuff growing up. The man virtually oozed talent & had a voice so smooth you just wanted to wrap up in it like a big velvet bathrobe.

You can legally download some of Lou's stuff here.


05 January 2006

Too Old For Punk

You know, I have to wonder if some of these people aren't deliberately engaging in a little bit of chain-yanking at the TSA's (and their fellow passengers') expense. The man walks ona plane with the words "Suicide Bomber" written on his notebook, is described as "clutching a backpack," and "acting suspiciously." What, was he trying to provoke them? On the other hand, just how dumb do the TSA think a real suicide bomber is going to be? I realize the shoe bomber has kind of set the bar for being an inane doofus, but does Transportation Security really think that suicide bombers advertise?

(Note to Mike Moscow: there may be a market for these people in "Suicide Bomber" T-shirts)

Anyway, whether "Suicide Bomber" is the name of a group or a song, it sounds suspiciously like Punk Rock to me, and I should think that by age 36 a person would have outgrown such things, and put away their collection of Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, and Sex Pistols along with their tie-dyed T-shirts and bumper stickers that read, "Don't You Wish Your Boyfriend Was More Like Me?"

Hmmm... I wonder if that old bumper sticker of mine is tucked away with my Jodie Foster's Army albums?

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Tactical Reality & Why I Need Another Gun

Things To Consider When Pondering A Firearms Purchase

First, I need to recognize my own shortcomings, the most prominent of which is that my eyesight is not great. I do well to see a 1" bullseye at 50yds, and at 100 yds I am doing well to be able to focus on a man-sized (20"x20") target. If I am going to be effective at such ranges, and beyond, I'm obviously going to need something with a scope. As much as I love my AK-47, it is just plain silly to put a scope on one. The AK was never designed to be as accurate as many of the other battle carbines/rifles, and IMO has no business being used past whatever range you can clearly see with the naked eye. Putting a scope on an AK is like using a condom while having sex with someone you know has AIDS: it gives a false sense of hope/confidence, you won't like the way it feels, and the results are still going to be disappointing.

Second, I need to honestly consider the situations in which I might find myself when the SHTF. Am I really going to be ambushing UN convoys as they roll into town? Will I abandon my home (as Fred suggests), or will I and my family/friends try to make a stand where we are? Fred claims it is foolish for a person to attempt to defend their home, and on many points I agree with him. Homes are not generally built to withstand seige of any sort, and mine is no exception. There are more windows in my home than defenders, and some points of approach can not be adequately "covered" from the existing windows. Even if I were to board over many of the windows, the drywall and pine 2x4 studs to which they would be attached would not long keep out a determined invader; especially one armed as well as the Police/National Guard/Armed Forces. On the other hand, this is my home, and for me to give it up and run away for anything less than a Red Dawn scenario is unpalatable. Who knows? When such a time comes, perhaps I will feel differently (and have an alternative hole-up/rally spot).

For now, anyway, this is what I have, and it's the best I've got. I cannot think of anyplace nearby where I would have a clear shot out past 500yds, unless I hide in the middle of a cornfield. In a situation like the people in New Orleans had after Katrina, I can guaran-f***ing-tee you that I will take my chances in my home rather than at the mercy of some faceless government bureaucracy who wants to relocate my family to a sports arena so that we can be robbed and raped.

Third (and closely related to the prevous point), is to assess the probable ranges and surroundings with which I would have to deal. As I just said, there isn't anyplace around my home where a shot up to or further than 500yds would be possible. If I am equipped with a firearm that is designed to reach well beyond the distance I have available, I am doing nothing more than endangering my neighbors should I find myself forced to defend my home. I heard one guy who said he keeps an AR-15 at his bedside for home defense. I sincerely hope he never has to use it, or he'll likely kill his neighbors or his own family along with the invader. Speaking from experience, I know that even an 165-grain .40 JHP will not only penetrate the walls in my home, but it will easily travel across the yard and penetrate my neighbor's wall as well. What can I say? They just don't make 'em like they used to. It behooves the gun owner, then, to have a firearm at hand which does not recklessly endanger the lives it is supposed to defend. For me, the answer to a home defense gun is obvious: a 12ga loaded with 00buckshot. Within the home, the shot won't have the space to pattern out, and the soft lead balls won't overpenetrate. I personally like the Mossberg 590. With it's 9+1 capacity and the plethora of accessories available, you just can't go wrong.

While home defense is one thing and a TEOTAWKI situation entirely another, many of the same principles are still subsumed under the limitations I have outlined above. Do I need to be able to make shots past 500yds? Do I have the room to safely make the shot? In my case, the answer is a resounding "No," so unless I find myself constructing a cabin in the Wyoming wilderness, I think I will eschew the venerable, mighty M14 and stick with something more appropriate for urban conflict. US Army FM 90-10-1 has this to say on the topic of urban combat: "Targets are usually briefly exposed at ranges of 100 meters or less" (p. 1-5). That tells me right there that, while useful in some circumstances, any rifle designed to do battle at Omaha Beach ranges is inappropriate. My stepfather tells me that this was one of the problems early in the Viet Nam war: long range guns in short-range combat situations. Now don't get me wrong; there is a definite and valuable use for longer range guns, but CQB isn't it.

Having said that, there is no reason to leave yourself ineffective at such ranges, should the need arise, but I wouldn't expect one gun to handle everything. My inexpert opinion, then is this: you need at least 4 guns per shooter in your home. Each one will need at least one handgun (preferably a semi-auto in .40 or .45) for personal carry, at least one 12ga pump shotgun for in-home defense, a carbine (such as the AK-47) for "shorter" range urban battle, and a good, scoped bolt-action "sniper" rifle for when you really need to "reach out and touch someone."

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Review: "Fred's Guide To Becoming A Rifleman"

I recently bought some Army Qualification Targets from Fred's, and the package included Fred's Guide To Becoming A Rifleman. While there is some very good/useful information included, more than half of the information is either superfluous or redundant.

The "Guide" turned out to be several sheets (2 dozen plus) set up in a 3-column format and printed in a 6-point font (No, I am not exaggerating) on both sides of each sheet. Sometimes, the information is simply cut-and-pasted from one part of the Guide to another; so much so that I seriously thought I was reading from the pile of pages I'd already eyestrained pored over.

Since Fred specializes in M14 stocks, many of the instructions in the Guide are specific to the M14, and this "M14 propaganda" (for lack of a better term) begins to wear thin and sound cultish after a few pages. Don't get me wrong; I am in no way disparaging the M1 or M14. Both are excellent rifles that have a long and well-deserved reputation. However, as Fred is carrying on about the necessity of every man trained to be a rifleman: commanding distances from 500-1000 yds, I have to honestly and accurately assess a number of things that make his proposition untenable.

I will address these in the next post, but while I am doing so, I want you to consider how well you are prepared--in tactics as well as supplies--to defend your home, whether it be a situation like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, from some of the ambitious and energetic followers of "Saint Tookie" who are interested in wealth redistribution, or just some of your angry, Jihadist neighbors who are enraged at your having a pig roast during Ramadan.

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03 January 2006

Convicted Killer Requests Parole--Claims He Is A Changed Man

I am always leery of these prison conversions, even though I wholeheartedly stand behond Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship ministry. I mean, how sincere can you expect a convicted felon to be in expressing a saving relationship with Jesus Christ--if he knows it will soften the hearts of the Parole Board and increase his chances for an early release.

My feelings about this are: if the man is truly saved and repentant, then he will see just how heinous his crime was and will realize that his incarceration is just, deserved, and should be sustained. If a person experiences any sort of conversion experience that does not include tearful, heartbroken repentance and admitting that they deserve whatever punishment God or society has seen fit to mete out to them, then I would submit that they have experienced something quite less than the realization of their inherent sinfulness and unworthiness before the Most Holy and Most High God.

David Berkowitz had such a conversion experience when he "found" Christ. He readily admits that he does not deserve to ever be released from prison.