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30 June 2012

Split (feed) Lip

Last Tuesday (the 19th), I was going through my gear in preparation for our family vacation and discovered that one of the US PALM mags I bought last year had a cracked feed lip. The crack is slight, but just enough that the magazine had dropped a round in the bottom of my Sneaky Bag. For those of you who remember, this is one of the magazines I reviewed last year .
For those who are interested in the details, here they are: I keep my magazines fully loaded, bullets down, in my Sneaky Bag. This bag always accompanies our family whenever we leave the house. This means that the bag (and consequently, the magazines) is frequently picked up and set down—sometimes none too gently. This has been standard since I bought and reviewed these magazines last year. Considering that level of impact alone over this period of time, I’m impressed that one slightly cracked feed lip is all I’ve sustained.

After taking this picture, I sent it to US PALM and let them know what had happened. Within 24 hours, I received a reply from Mark Goss, who asked how many of the old style (pre-locking tabs) mags I owned. Mind you, he did not ask how many had cracked, how many had given me issues, or how many I had bought in that particular batch of magazines. He asked how many I owned that were the older-issue total; he wanted to replace them all.

Since we had already left for vacation (we were actually in New Orleans by then. It was just as miserably hot and humid there as it has been here in Indianapolis, if you’re curious), it took me until Friday (6/22) to verify that I only had five of the older-issue mags. Yesterday, I received a box from US PALM with five brand-spanking new US PALM AK-30’s. Had I gotten back with Mark sooner, it's entirely possible that these magazines would have been waiting on the doorstep when we returned.

I said in my previous review that I was looking forward to seeing how the AK30’s would perform over time. Apart from one split lip, I have had no issues whatsoever. In fact, if I were a betting man, I’d wager that the damaged magazine would continue to perform flawlessly. I’ve seen how the magazines perform, and now I have seen how US PALM performs under pressure as well. I continue to be impressed.


Blogger AK Matt said...

Glad to hear they took care of you (and to see the post). Most of my AK30s are the first run, all don't have the new locking tabs to double retain the floorplate. I know some people will complain about them breaking in the first place, but like you said they probably take a lot of drops right on the lips. If it cracked the AK30, I'm pretty sure it would have cracked/bent any other mags' lips. US Palm in general definitely rocks!

Things have not been nice around here weatherwise, that's for sure! Sorry to hear New Orleans wasn't nay better.

03 July, 2012 19:20  

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