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16 April 2013

The Importance of Prayer in Your Marriage

How often do you pray for your spouse?  There are many visible ways and palpable things that you can do to demonstrate care and devotion for him/her, but prayer may be the most effective and practical form of demonstrating your love. 

Praying for your spouse does a number of things. It allows you to thank God for bringing him/her into your life.  After all, next to Jesus Christ, (s)he is the best possible blessing with which an infinitely wise, sovereign god decided to bless and mature you.  Prayer is our communication line with God, and it can do wonders for helping you gain a deeper love and appreciation for your spouse.  Praying for your spouse can help you understand him/her better.  Praying for your spouse allows you to focus solely on his/her needs and meditate on ways that you can be a greater blessing to him/her. 

As always, when we pray, we reveal a lot about the state of our own heart.  If you are not overcome with joy and thanksgiving for your spouse, search your own heart and ask God to reveal what is lacking in you.  All marriages have troubles, but in the Christian’s life all things occur for the purpose of personal sanctification and glorifying God (Romans 8:28).  All marriages have difficulties, but it is in the sacrifices we make and the effort we give to overcome them that we depict Jesus Christ. 

Be grateful for your spouse.  This is the person with whom you are taking your life journey in personal conformity to Christlikeness as well as in modeling the self-sacrificial love of Jesus Christ for His Church.  Jesus, knowing of the agonizing ordeal He faced, did not give up, run away, or tap out (John 13:1).  He gave His all, and endured more than we can imagine, to become salvation and blessing for His bride.  If He did not give up, neither should we. 

Make the commitment today to pray for your spouse and be a greater blessing to him/her.  Commit to making your marriage work at all costs. 


Blogger Publius said...

Thank you brother. A fine reminder.

15 May, 2013 01:11  
Blogger Publius said...

Thanks brother. A fine reminder.

15 May, 2013 01:12  

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